The Celine Alexandre studio

Since 2005, after twelve years at the head of Atelier Dynale, the two creatives Céline Sorigué and Alexandre Leu decided to found the studio Céline Alexandre, to answer to the needs of architects, decorators or designers, and offer an exceptional palette of refined material "matière d’art", dedicated to the most sophisticated interiors.

Our studio also proposes unique or commissioned artworks, limited and numbered series as well as art objects and design pieces.

It has already been fifteen years of creation since the label foundation, which have allowed master realizations to be delivered everywhere in the world, heralding an exceptional potential for the forthcoming next years...


Alexandre Leu

Artistic Director

Alexandre was born in fashion : his great aunt Madame Ida, was Yves Saint Laurent main co-worker, and has been the first of the family to start living of her passion for arts and Haute Couture.

Then so did his grand-mother, his mother and himself naturally. Master of colors, he knows how to combine tradition and avant-garde, drawing a personal and original artistic universe.

Alexandre also develops some fine techniques, destined for most precious photographic prints. He makes this know-how available to international photographers.

Céline Sorigué

Artistic Director

Céline is a real parisian attached to the French Art de vivre by which, taste and elegance daily reinvent themselves. With her education as a fashion designer, she twists materials and reinvents refinement by always exploring new ways of expression.

As an answer to this creative journey desire, she decided to found Céline Alexandre studio. Since always Céline also works at a more personal plastic production, intended to reunite private collections worldwide.

Celine Alexandre's expertise

From Haute Couture to decorative arts...

Legacy &

With their expert team, the duo takes advantage of all the savoir-faire and Dynale workshop legacy.

They work together on creating refined material, decorative panels, artworks and art pieces specifically dedicated to great international projects.

Since 2005, the Studio collaborates with the best virtuosos of decoration, design and architecture.
They propose an endless range of possibilities, a palette with no limit and a potential with no measure, at the disposal of their private clients and business partners.

Research & Development

From traditional mastery to contemporary production methods, the studio always searches new forms of expression.
Each year hundreds of new samples are produced, and the savoir-faire is questioned and challenged every day.

The most creative and most audacious purchasers, challenge the studio to develop new previously unseen bespoke material, based on specific request packages with tints, colors, expected effects, or any other technical requirements linked to special application fields.

Celine Alexandre


The Céline Alexandre studio has collaborated to some of the most remarkable projects of the past few years. From the Royal Atlantis in Dubai, to the biggest private Mega Yatch and going by the Lutetia palace in Paris. Its realizations find the most precious frame. Haute Couture maisons, great jewelers and watch makers entrust the studio with the display decors and promotion of their collections. They collaborate with great fabrics and wallpaper editors, searching for unequaled excellence.
The studio develops and edits a new collection of art pieces destined to collector clients. Their unique artworks take place in the most ambitious decors.

Our material palettes

We work on and ennoble materials, intended to design or architecture projects.

So as to obtain spectacular results, the studio possesses an absolute mastery of color, illustrated in understated and deep shades, as well as structured flat tint.

The entire palette of gold is used. The coppers, silvers and more surprising inputs reveal patterns with more or less density.

A collection of sober and elegant materials are developed around an off-whites panel, and "faux-unis" allow decorators to play with contrasts and preserve the more refined golds effects.

Our unique artworks
& limited series

We develop unique artworks and limited series, intended to join private collections and public places. These artworks are made for refined material, and light lovers interested in finding the same excellency we reserve to Haute Couture tissues.

We love combining well balanced composition, with the irreproachable execution of our patterns, carefully appended to noble material which can radiate by themselves, due to their refinement but also so as to enhance our drawings and designs.

Many of our artworks are kept confidential, but some are exhibited in galleries or during prestigious events.

Our editions

More recently, the studio chose to develop a new range of products edited in collaboration with some of the best French workshops, in order to propose signature pieces, which combine timeless lines and exceptional materials.

Pieces heir of the art deco era, and intended to age with generations of collectors.

Representative of our period and of our savoir-faire, it is also the chance to associate our hands to other masters's ones: "French compagnons", steel and bronze makers, glassmakers, upholstery specialists. Art masters or craftsmen were united around a unique edition and design project.

Screens, mirrors, side tables, seats, boxes or trays born in our workshop.

The history of Celine Alexandre studio


This year marks the beginnings of Jeanne Fayolle. Her remarkable rise to the top of many maisons de couture will drive her to become head of workshop at Christian Dior.

In 1922, Germaine, her sister, also starts at the great fashion designer as a «petite main».

In 1962, when she follows Yves Saint-Laurent who launches his own maison, Jeanne is renamed «Madame Ida» and will manage the workshop. Germaine will then join her, and both of them will achieve their honorable careers.


It is finally, Evelyne Leu, Germaine's daughter who will found the Dynale workshop first specialized in silk painting, and soon became one of the main references in the Haute Couture confidential world.


Alexandre Leu, her son, joined by his wife Céline Sorigué take over the reins of the family workshop.

The association of those two young talents opens a new era of innovation, the workshop diversifies its skills and savoir-faire to become a real laboratory of research for material ennoblement.

Today and still for a long time, by their traditional, technical and innovative productions at the service of the best fashion designers, the precious realizations of the Dynale workshop keep sublimating season after season, the creations of the greatest international maisons de couture.


Creation of Céline Alexandre studio and label dedicated to projects for art, design and decoration markets...