We work on and ennoble materials intended to design or architecture projects.

So as to obtain spectacular results, the studio possess an absolute mastery of color illustrated in understated and deep shades as well as structured flat tint.

All the large palette of gold is used. The coppers, silvers or more surprising inputs reveal paterns with more or less density.

A collection of sober and elegant material developed around an off-whites panel and "faux-unis" allows decorators to play with contrasts and preserve the more refined golds effects.

our commissioned artworks

At the occasion of very special projects, the studio create artworks dedicated to singular environnements conditions and specificities.

In collaboration with architectes, decorators, maisons de couture or great hospitality labels, we adapt our creative universe to match the one of our collectors and clients.

Then exclusive collaborations can born, technical challenge and unique manifestation of our savior-faire through bespoke orders which each time request to renew our practice ad iconic patterns.

Each time the occasion to reinvent ourselves but never betraying the studio's primary essence.

Our unique artworks
& limited series

We develop unique artworks and limited series intended to join private collections and public places. These artworks are made for refined material and light lovers interested in finding the same excellence we reserve to Haute Couture tissues.

We love combining well balanced composition with the irreproachable execution of our patterns carefully appended to noble material which can radiate by themselves due to their refinement but also so as to enhance our drawings and designs.

Many of our artworks are kept confidential but some are exhibited in galleries or during prestigious events.

OUR editions

More recently the studio chose to develop a new range of product edited in collaboration with the best french workshop to propose signature pieces which combine timeless lines and exceptional materials.

Pieces heir of the art deco era and intended to age with generations of collectors.

Representative of our period and of our savoire-faire, it is also the chance associate our hands to other masters's ones, "French compagnons", steel and bronze makers, glassmakers, upholstery specialists. Art masters or craftsmen united around a unique edition and design project.

Screens, mirrors, side tables, seats, boxes or trays born in our workshop.